Rogers TV. Host a Toronto City Council Candidates Debate- Ward 35. Scarborough, Ontario.

Rogers TV. Host a Municipal Elections 2014 DebateWatch seven of the nine candidates for Ward 35, debate on local issues that matter to you. Our debate can be viewed on Rogers TV. on ch. 10 ch. 63, ch.510, and online at: Be sure to tune in tonight at 11:00pm, on Oct. 1 at 2:30pm. Also, contact my campaign office at 647-793-4808, or email me at:  your comments regarding this post.  please “click” on the underlined title at the start of this post to view my video.

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My First, Public City Councillors Candidates Debate at Warden Woods Community Centre, Sept.24, 2014

Tomorrow, on Wednesday September 24, 2014, from  6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. at the Warden Woods Community Centre- 74 Firvalley Court, Scarborough, Ontario. Contact number: 416-694-1138, EXT.165, there is CONCILLORS DEBATE for Candidates running in WARD 35, Scarborough Southwest, Ontario.  Topics for debate are:   A. Housing, B. Employment, and C. Education or Transit, or Healthcare.

COME meet and greet the CANDIDATES, and ask Questions.  Again, my campaign office number is: 647-793-4808, and email:

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Announcement: I am running for City Council in the October, 27, 2014 Municipal Elections, 2014 for WARD 35.

On Monday, October 27, 2014, please VOTE for ME, Saima Shaikh for the position of City Councillor, for Scarborough Southwest, Ward 35, n Scarborough, Ontario. CANADA.  My election campaign office telephone and fax number is: 647-793-4808, and email address is:, and .

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